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Looking at darcs

I’ve been coming to realise that I’m not really as satisfied with arch as I’d like to be; in spite of being an ardent fanboy for a while now. My main requirement for software is that it be simple and stay out of my way; and while arch is fairly simple, it’s evidently proven not […]


The two top ABC news stories at the moment: Labor offers free day in $1.6b childcare package, and Labor slams ‘crazy John’s end of career clearance sale’. (The third “politics” one is Greens call for aerial spraying inquiry — amazing how all the stories are told from the perspective of left wing parties, even when […]

Kay Hull and School Fees

Wow. The ABC headline: Latham accuses Coalition of school privatisation plan. My thought “Cool. Bold and unlikely, but cool if true.” What’s actually being proposed: The Nationals’ Kay Hull says public schools should introduce fees for parents earning more than $100,000 a year. She also wants poorer country schools to receive more government money and […]

Angry and Terrorised

Kim’s angry. Meanwhile the cartels have started up their next scam. Here’s the Sunday Mail: Terror by DVD MARTIN WALLACE 19sep04 AUSTRALIA is being flooded with pirate DVDs and the profits from them help fund global terrorism. Here’s the Australian: Illegal DVDs funding global terror By Martin Wallace September 16, 2004 AUSTRALIA is being flooded […]

Polycentric Law

Interesting article on “True Separation of Powers” by Jonathan Wilde in response to (and quoting) an interesting article by Jim Henley. The idea behind checks and balances under separation of powers is the restraint of mutual jealousy – each of the three branches will be so zealous of its prerogatives, and so wary of overreaching […]

Shocked and Awed!

In a stunning triumph, and as a result of cunning diplomacy and an amazingly well-planned campaign that will surely be used as an example in academies for centuries to come, the mighty blender makes his return to the blogosphere! Only one question remains: is there a plan to win the peace, or will this hard […]

The Economist’s Politics

One of the more discombobulating issues of converting to a neo-con has been buying into the liberal media meme. It’s confusing because there’s no particular reason I can see why individual media biasses shouldn’t pretty much average out; but instead I keep finding publications I’d expect(ed) to be written by, for and about The Man […]

Bring Back Blenblen’s Blog!

As Elvis sang, I don’t need a lot of presents, To make my Christmas bright. I just need blender’s weblog, Up on his website! Oh, Santa: hear my plea! Santa, bring that weblog back to me! Bring back Blender’s Blog!


So, after downloading another yet another 25MB of mail to delete, I finally decided it was time to update my server-side spam handling. Boring nonsense. Greylisting seems to be a decent next stage in the escalation, though unfortunately it requires upgrading to exim4 and dealing with backports and the weird “Debian-exim” user and complicated packaging. […]

The Corporation

“Brilliant! Hilarious and chilling!” – San Francisco Bay Guardian “Coolheaded and incisive!” – San Francisco Chronicle “Ambitious…Epic…Riveting!” – Los Angeles Times Spot the pattern. Since I’ve already commented on this movie on spec, I figured I should watch it when it came out. Various comments around the place had led me to think it was […]