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From my irclogs of last month: <aj> vorlon: sounds like you should write up a OFTC #dd code of conduct :) In the tradition of all good free software hackers, Steve naturally managed to palm that back off onto me. In the end, we’ve decided to put together a new channel for Debian development discussion, […]

Watch Out For The White Male

Pia asks: Why is it that older, heterosexual, Christian, married, white males, who probably only make up ~16% of our totaly population are making the decisions for all of us? So much for representative politics :) Let’s consider the alternatives. Younger rather than older means less life experience, which means you’re probably electing a party […]

Bush and Brown

So it appears Michael Brown’s been moved aside from managing the Katrina response, and will probably be leaving FEMA entirely soon. No big surprise there; what’s interesting (to me) is this quote: Asked ahead of the announcement if he was being made a scapegoat, Brown told The Associated Press after a long pause: “By the […]

More Bad News on the Security Front

Today’s issue of Linux Weekly News includes a security response time comparison amongst major distros. Debian comes last on all the vulnerabilities examined bar one; here’s a summary of response times: Debian Fedora GenToo Red Hat SuSE Ubuntu Average days 19.8 5.8 7.4 12.0 12.7 5.0 Maximum days 35 16 14 28 16 12 Minimum […]

Isn’t America Exciting?

Some interesting notes from American news. Below the fold, because politics isn’t what’s important. It seems the current meme is that President Bush isn’t doing enough to help resolve the chaos left in Katrina’s wake. Interestingly, one thing that apparently he did do, was ensure the evacuation of New Orleans was a mandatory event, rather […]


Back in June, I noted that LaunchPad isn’t free sotware, and because of that concluded: And that’s pretty much the point where Canonical’s not a free software company, but a vendor providing proprietary services for the free software community. I got a couple of private comments (which are reflected in an update to that post) […]