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On perseverance

As part of trying to convince myself to commit to my next project I spent some time wondering just what it might mean if the project really is beyond my abilities. At what point does it make sense to say “don’t even try in the first place?” or “okay, you’ve given it a fair shot, […]

A new name

So it’s been a bit over five years of indolence, time for a change. The original title for this blog was in homage to Andrew’s incoherence log, and found by trolling for interesting sounding words beginning with “in-“. Not seeing any reason to change a winning formula, I tried the same again, and came across […]

For Pete’s Sake

I was going to blog something, what was it? Oh yes, some musings on Mr Costello. He gave an interview with Ray Martin on 60 minutes on Sunday, which didn’t really say anything new — Ray tried to make it sound like there was some chance this was all some devious plot and Costello was […]