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NBN Business Plan

We will be releasing a 50-page document that summarises the NBN Co business case, Ms Gillard said. So the 50 page NBN Co business case summary came out yesterday. It runs to 36 pages, including the table of contents. According to the document, they’re going to be wholesale providers to retail ISPs/telcos, and be offering […]

Rocket Tracking

While I was still procrastinating doing the altosui and Google Earth mashup I mentioned last post, Keith pointed out that Google Maps has a static API, which means it’s theoretically possible to have altosui download maps of the launch site before you leave, then draw on top of them to show where your rocket’s been. […]

It’s not rocket surgery

…except when it is: Anyhoo, somehow or other I’m now a Tripoli certified rocket scientist, with some launches and data to show for it: Bunches of fun — and the data collection gives you an excuse to relive the flight over and over again while you’re analysing it. Who couldn’t love that? Anyway, as well […]