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The Liberals in Limbo — how low can they go?

The latest squabbling incompetence: Gold Coast MP Ray Stevens says leadership contender Tim Nicholls should withdraw his challenge and get behind Mark McArdle. Mr Stevens says if the matter is not resolved that way, he says his legal advice suggests the only option left will be to draw names out of a hat. “That is […]

Big Spending Budgets

Every time I’ve heard the budget mentioned over the past week or so, it’s prefaced by the words “big spending”, but I’m lost as to how that could actually be the case — it’s in surplus, and taxes are to be reduced a bit, so doesn’t that mean any other possible budget would be a […]

Watch Out For The White Male

Pia asks: Why is it that older, heterosexual, Christian, married, white males, who probably only make up ~16% of our totaly population are making the decisions for all of us? So much for representative politics :) Let’s consider the alternatives. Younger rather than older means less life experience, which means you’re probably electing a party […]

Bush and Brown

So it appears Michael Brown’s been moved aside from managing the Katrina response, and will probably be leaving FEMA entirely soon. No big surprise there; what’s interesting (to me) is this quote: Asked ahead of the announcement if he was being made a scapegoat, Brown told The Associated Press after a long pause: “By the […]

Isn’t America Exciting?

Some interesting notes from American news. Below the fold, because politics isn’t what’s important. It seems the current meme is that President Bush isn’t doing enough to help resolve the chaos left in Katrina’s wake. Interestingly, one thing that apparently he did do, was ensure the evacuation of New Orleans was a mandatory event, rather […]


From the Australian, via Tim Blair: NONE of the three judges presiding over Schapelle Corby’s trial has ever found a defendant innocent, and they have now reached broad agreement on the verdict they will hand down on Friday. Like Katie Brownell, they’ve managed not to blow their perfect game. Congratulations to Judges Suastrawan, Sirait, and […]

Mmmm, donuts

I think people need to stop talking about McDonalds and Starbucks on every corner, and instead start promoting the ubiquity of Krispy Kreme. Mmmm, sugary capitalist goodness.


My mum has a high school reunion coming up, and got some copies of her old school magazines so she could write some articles. As it turns out she wrote a fair chunk of articles for them, one of which was a glowing review entitled “Australia!” Interestingly, it came from the assumption that the reader […]


Compare But in letters to US President Geroge Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Mr Allawi, Mr Annan warned that a large-scale attack on Fallujah could undermine efforts to promote stability. …and contrast Mosques in Fallujah: 100 Mosques used as Fighting Positions / Weapons Caches: 60 Hospitals Used as Defensive Positions: 3 Improvised Explosive […]

Curse the memory of Frank Sinatra

Here’s a fascinating article tying Hussein’s Iraq to the September 11 attacks. Fortunately there’s no need to read it, since all these issues are already completely settled.

But Professor Utonium Accidentally Added an Extra Ingredient to the Concoction…

I was amused when Steve Langasek invoked the Powerpuff Girls in response to the US election, with a beautifully crafted reference to episode 1.10. But my amusement soon turned to something deeper when David found this rather profound analysis via OpinionJournal’s Best of the Web: Mojo Jojo speaks English with a Japanese accent. He has […]

Bloodshed Predicted

Another note for future reference on the Iraq situation. Today’s big ABC news story is Commit troops or delay Iraq election, Govt warned: The Federal Government is being warned against promoting a January election in Iraq unless it is willing to commit more troops. Australian National University Professor William Maley, who has just returned from […]

Carnival of the Capitalists

It’s a cracker Carnival this week, with a Catallarchy post on the link between competing replicators and gay amateur gang rape porn, a Truck and Barter post on how government makes us sick, and a Layman’s Logic post on home made speed cameras, for sale online.

That Liberal Media

You know, that double-entendre just keeps getting better. Anyway, a couple of days before the election, lefty blogger Robert Corr noted a Crikey mailout claiming the Age was forced to take a pro-Howard line in its editorial by their Editor-in-chief, supposedly on the basis that “backing Latham wasnt in the commercial interests of the company.” […]

Afghanistan Elections Marred By Peace

From Indian news site, NDTV: Boycott call dropped in Afghanistan So it wasn’t bomb threats by the Taliban, but allegations of mass irregularities that threatened to derail the three-year march towards democracy. Uh, moving your worries from “bomb threats” to “mass irregularities” is marching towards democracy. Is it really that unreasonable to expect the first […]