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So, after downloading another yet another 25MB of mail to delete, I finally decided it was time to update my server-side spam handling. Boring nonsense. Greylisting seems to be a decent next stage in the escalation, though unfortunately it requires upgrading to exim4 and dealing with backports and the weird “Debian-exim” user and complicated packaging. […]

David’s Mad Perl Powahs

Huh, David’s mad perl skills are pulling all the hot lawyer chicks. Awesome! (His anewed attractiveness presumably has nothing to do with his acquisition of a mobile phone over the weekend) Though if he’s going all Napster over it and hoping to start off a “dot-id-au boom”, here’s hoping he thought to get a patent […]

Internet Security, Monocultures, and Economic Manifest Destiny

Lots of security experts like talking about the risks of software monocultures which basically says that if there are a whole lot of similar machines on the Internet — all running Windows XP Home, say — then it’s generally fairly easy (well, as these things go) to find a security hole that lets you gain […]

Larry McVoy Advocates Arch

Admittedly, that’s not what he’s trying to do when he says: People mumble about arch until they go use it for a while and realize it is about 3-5 years behind BK. Here’s what he was saying about BitKeeper four years ago, in 1999: The problem with most systems is that they don’t scale. They […]


Arch has gotten really rather impressive since I last looked at it. It’s design has stabilised enough to be rewritten in C (from sh), and the repository format seems remarkably sane and powerful, if perhaps a little overly verbose. Distributed repositories over plain http, ftp and NFS all seem supported, which is way cool. And […]