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Some Criticism of the Allen Report

So, since Lessig has commented on the Allen Report, I thought I might too. They mostly have an interesting view on things, but there are two particular claims that stand out as being, well, delusional. In section 4.1, starting on page 26, the report makes the argument that the increased incentives provided by copyright extension […]

Open Source versus Capitalism

Martin notes that: One fairly silly argument sometimes advanced against Linux is that by reducing towards zero the cost of getting a good operating system, it is somehow communist or anti-capitalist. He’s right: people do make that argument, and it’s silly. It’s especially silly because people already do it for a profit, and even sillier […]


The magic smoke seems to have escaped from my laptop. Doh. God’s way of saying “hey, it’s time to review your backup policies”. UPDATE 2003/11/03: Well, I’ve had my laptop back for a while now. I’m not really convinced it’s as good as it used to be — it had a hardware crash for no […]

Footnote URLs

So, one thing which annoys me a bit about writing blog entries is the way the horrible markup for links screws up the formatting of the entries as I see it in the editor. It makes a couple of words take up a whole line, and screws up the word-wrapping, and makes things unreadable. Which […]

Yay Me

Hey, there’s my submission! How bizarre though, that they seem to have printed out the (126kB) PDF that I sent them, then scanned it back in as a new (906kB) PDF. Arguably it makes sense to make sure that people looking at the website are getting exactly what the review are reading, but even so. […]

Economics is so interesting

Cypher was a fun movie, twisty and a little noir, with some suspense and revulsion and action and sexual tension and everything. The only problem with it was a strange mis-step in the script: a couple of scenes were about incredibly boring lectures at conferences, and while they at least weren’t so out of touch […]

An Open Letter to Paul Krugman

Read it. Bookmark it. Read it again, beforehand, next time you choose to argue about something.