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Who’s Responsible?

Ben and David have been having a little cross-blog discussion about Saddam being found in a hole, and how much America sucks. In his followup, Ben writes: But no, I dont believe the Americans should get a break. The US is unquestionably a superpower and with that superpower status comes a responsibility to lead like […]

It’s a Free Country

Isn’t it?. Where’s Media Watch when you need it? On Christmas Holidays, of course.

Skiing Crisis!

David writes: Australian snow Better visit it while it lasts. [ 00:53 ] [ /misc ] [ ¶ ] Tim Blair writes: SKI! SKI WHILE YOU STILL CAN! […] Posted by Tim Blair at 01:26 AM | Comments (22) I’d say “Advantage: Inchoate”, except daylight savings make the call too muddy to make. Either way, […]

Linux Systems Labs Australia Sucks

Why do people act like such idiots? LSL in response to a complaint by Greg Black: We received an unclear feedback from Consumer Affairs, basically this is disputable and can go to the court and up to the judge to decide. However, he suggested us that since this is only $6.30 it is better to […]

Incremental Packages.gz Downloads

One of the more annoying things about managing a Debian system is sitting around waiting for apt-get update to finish. On broadband it’s irritating, and on a modem it’s absolutely horrendous. The worst part is when it takes longer to do an update (get the information we need) than it takes to do a dist-upgrade […]

Bits from the RM

Long, boring emails ‘r us!


Wow. It’s good to be number one! Interestingly, there are 3370 hits (almost six times as many!) when you do that search for equivalent “liberal” blogs. Yet another example of the disgusting strangle-hold through which the irresponsible liberal media attempts to mould the minds of mankind. (Hat tip: Rhys Arkins)