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The GPL Keeps Me Awake At Night

Well, actually that confuses cause and effect. Anyway, a draft of the GPLv3 is out, and, at least at first glance I’m pretty impressed. Let’s add a break, since probably everyone’ll be throwing their two cents in soon enough anyway. The GFDL’s problems don’t seem to be present, happuly: the DRM restrictions are limited to […]

What I did today

Things I did today: 1. Found a t-shirt I’d forgotten buying! 2. Removed the empty SuperH architecture from the archive (binary-sh). Coincidence? You decide.

Yay for hatemail

So following Florian’s chastisement of my “threatening” fellow Debian developers, Charles Plessy becomes annoyed by a bug in apt-file (its default configuration expects curl, but wget is what’s installed on most systems), at which point Luk Claes then starts threatening to NMU whether the maintainer likes it or not. Naturally that’s not the correct thing […]

Let’s Talk About ‘Nix

Have you ever found yourself reading slashdot (what? you don’t read slashdot? well, play along) and coming across a banner ad (what? you block ads? well, play along) for the nth time and finally just, you know, snapping? Sadly, today it happened to me. To the tune of a ditty by Salt n’ Pepa at […]

On the technical committee

And thus the entrapment’s completed, With the motion so newly anointed. Wichert, Jason, and Guy? They’re deleted! Steve, Andy and I? We’re appointed! Inspired by Mr Srivastava: <Manoj> congrats vorlon, aba, aj (*snigger suckers *snigger)

Clint throws down

A friend o’ ne’er do wells, Got flashbacks to a time in the car; This master of izzard shells, Was headed for dinner, huzzah! In a car with those friends did he sit, Seeking something to consume. Through the streets of San Fran’ do they flit, Hunting the sacred legume. But out the car leapt […]

Private Declassifaction GR Results

In late November, I did up a proposal to provide a way of making some of the interesting posts hidden away on the developer-only debian-private mailing list more public — mostly on the basis that secret discussions aren’t good for Debian, and that there’s some really fascinating discussions on topics which continue to come up, […]