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On freedom

One of the freedoms I value is the freedom to choose what you spend your time on and who you spend it with. And while I’ve spent a lot of time arguing that people in key roles in Debian still have those freedoms (hey, 2.1(1), don’t you know), reality these days seems to be otherwise. […]

Jigdo Downloads

Last month we had a brief discussion on debian-devel about what images would be good to have for lenny — we’re apparently up to about 30 CDs or 4 DVDs per architecture, which over 12 architectures adds to about 430GB in total. That’s a lot, given it’s only one release, and meanwhile the entire Debian […]

A New DPL…

In a couple of days, DPL-elect Steve McIntyre takes over as DPL, after being elected by around four hundred of his peers… Because I can’t help myself, I thought I might poke at election numbers and see if anything interesting fell out. First the basics: I get the same results as the official ones when […]

Select and Python Generators

One of the loveliest things about Unix is the select() function (or its replacement, poll()), and the way it lets a single thread handle a host of concurrent tasks efficiently by just using file descriptors as work queues. Unfortunately, it can be a nuisance to use — you end up having to structure your program […]