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Some Random Notes from DebConf

debootstrap’s now team maintained under the debian-installer subversion repository; uploaders are Joey Hess, Frans Pop, Junichi Uekawa and myself. Rumours are Colin Watson might be joining in too. There’s a few changes committed, but an upload hasn’t been made yet — at least last I checked. Frans is applying pressure to bump the version to […]

Chatting about the CDDL

Just prior to the “State of the Coffee Cup” talk on Sunday, Tom Marble sent a quick invitation to Steve Langasek, Sam Hocevar and myself to have a chat with Simon Phipps about the CDDL and some of the concerns that have been raised on the debian-legal list lately — particularly about choice of venue. […]

Dunc-tank Report Ideas

Okay, so with the “Bits from the DPL” talk that Sam and I shared now out of the way, that hopefully means finishing off the whole dunc-tank thing won’t imply any more conflicts of interest, potential or otherwise. And since we’ve now had the post-etch release team report, there shouldn’t be much to wait around […]

Men in Skirts

Well, made it to Edinburgh, via a forty hour stopover in Singapore. Picked up a tie and kilt in the Debian tartan. Sadly Edinburgh in midsummer isn’t as warm as Singapore in summer, or even as Brisbane in winter, so there’s good odds my knees are going to be shaking as well as visible all […]

Torrenting the Debian Archive

Continuing the theme from my previous post — the first and fundamental thing any distro needs to have, and thus the first and fundamental thing to think about disintermediating, is some way of distributing software. That might be burning CDs and sending them out to resellers or OEMs, or having your stuff available for download, […]

A conversation with jdub

A couple of months ago I was sitting in a north Sydney pub cradling a beer with the ineluctable jdub, the decidedly unparsimonious rusty and (if I’m accurately remembering who’d left and who hadn’t by this point) the irremediable mrd. As you might imagine, these sort of conditions are a perfect breeding ground for a […]

Can open source methodology make a movie?

Sometimes doing a Google News search for debian turns up some fascinating little gems. Today’s was this article: Einfeldt says that the project also plans to sell copies of the film, or at least one of the versions of the film. Taking a cue from the Debian project, Einfeldt says that there will be several […]

More DWN Bits

Following Joey’s lead, here’s some DWN-style comments on some of the stuff I’ve been involved in or heard of over the past week… A future for m68k has been planned on the release list, after being officially dropped as a release architecture in September. The conclusion of the discussion seems to be that we’ll move […]

Vote Early, Vote Often

A couple of comments on the ongoing votes. The DFSG/firmware issue is a complicated one. For the votes that we’ve currently got open, I’m voting for futher discussion in favour of the DFSG#2 clarification — not because I disagree with requiring source code for all works in principle, but because I think we should be […]

Dunc-Tank announced

After a lot of discussion on -private, and a fair bit more discussion off list, a bunch of Debian developers, including myself, have launched The idea is that we think getting etch out on time is important enough to be worth paying the release managers to work on it full time, so in the […]

Debian news for the day

It’s time for LinuxWorld SFO, which means it’s time for lots of interesting announcements. A major one today is from Hewlett-Packard, announcing that they’re ready to support Debian GNU/Linux officially on their Proliant and BladeSystem servers, and as a side note that their revenues from sales of Linux servers has now hit six billion dollars […]

On being DPL

It’s almost the end of financial year in Australia, so what better time to take stock? I’m actually a bit surprised at just how much I need to do that — I knew being DPL would involve some new challenges, but it’s barely two months in and I’m already just about in shock. Guess it […]

On Photo Ops

Who would have thought this would turn out to be one of the better DPL portraits from DC6?

Developers and Maintainers

My first blog post after winning the Debian Project Leader election. Scary. Links so far: debian-project, Slashdot, ZDNet Australia. I’m trying to make sure I’ve got something vaguely new to say before replying to press requests, and to also make sure I say anything new on some Debian forum first, and given there’s one I’m […]

DPL Campaign Redux

Like last year I thought I might blog some random thoughts on the DPL campaign from the last few weeks. Since there’s already the platforms to read, not to mention the debate, and the various mails to the debian-vote mailing list, I’ll add a fold to make it easy to skip. One thing which seemed […]