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Indolence in the news

Via tha ABC: Queensland’s Police and Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence […] told Parliament […] “Palmer and Comrie got it right, the Department of Immigration is unwilling to review and reform itself and it isn’t helped by an incompetent and indolent minister who isn’t willing to push these reforms.” So today’s award for the promotion […]

Let’s Talk About ‘Nix

Have you ever found yourself reading slashdot (what? you don’t read slashdot? well, play along) and coming across a banner ad (what? you block ads? well, play along) for the nth time and finally just, you know, snapping? Sadly, today it happened to me. To the tune of a ditty by Salt n’ Pepa at […]

Obligatory SW:ROTS Post

In summary, I liked the third Star Wars prequel. Sure, I found myself laughing at the horribly stilted dialogue and plot throughout the movie, and I wasn’t particularly awed by the visuals or the CGI, and in the end, knowing how it ended by the virtue of having watched the original trilogy pretty much robbed […]

A Heart of Stone

I had been going to include this in my travelblog, but then I forgot, and then I decided I could give it its own entry anyway. To set the scene, imagine trudging up a mountain, about a kilometre above sea-level, with another half-kilometre of vertical rise still to go before you’ve got any chance of […]


Skye, 1991 – 2005 Chips, 1998 – 2005 Regular readers may remember Skye, Chips and Cheeky from my gratuitous dog-blogging of last year. Sadly, Skye hasn’t been getting any younger, and over the past months her hind legs became more arthritic, she lost her hearing and her bowel control, and a couple of weeks ago […]

From my Inbox

Subject: Warning: inactivity detected Really, I’m surprised I don’t see that more often.

Baby Got Book

David pointed out the absolutely sacralicious “Baby Got Book” that seems to be doing the rounds (and if it’s not, it should be!). Normally I wouldn’t relink to things even that awesome (in the same way I didn’t pass on the cartoon skeletons page Hanna of Debian linked to), however in light of Ricky’s spiel […]

Ah Summer

Evidently Energex noticed the twenty minute thunderstorm we had after lunch today, and decided to switch to their summer policy. Hence we’ve had two prolonged blackouts this evening, so far; the current one’s stopping me from watching both the Rebel Billionaire and the West Wing. Not impressed. And why they’re happening well after the storm, […]

Team America?

F—, yeah!


Hiccups suck.


Wow, Google Scholar is awesome. ifupdown even rates a mention.

The Final Cut

Unlike some I’m a bit ambivalent about movie reviews — I tend to have a pretty low bar for finding them entertaining (Starsky and Hutch? AvP? Independence Day? Hollywood Homicide? Sure! Liked ’em all!), and a pretty high bar for finding them great. Which generally stops me from panning or lauding them, and if you’re […]

Promoting Free Markets

Perhaps the most beautiful facet of capitalism is the way even its nominal opponents are forced into enhancing its effectiveness. Following in the footsteps of Mike Moore’s schlocumentary producing corporate empire, it’s my pleasure to introduce the first issue of Blender’s Consumer Reports: Centrecom sucks. (And don’t forget to read issue two, Centrecom sucks: I […]

Electronic Voting

John Ray, who writes Dissecting Leftism, an interesting blog decrying various inane comments from left-wing types, recently noted: Statistical expert John Lott Jr. sets out why California’s virtual ban on electonic voting is just ignorant technophobia. Australia has paper voting only so I have no personal knowledge of alternatives but his claim that electronic voting […]


Since the Professor’s decided to skip his Friday afternoon catblogging, here’s some Monday evening dogblogging for you. From left to right, meet Chips (m, silky terrier), Cheeky (m, chihuahua), and Skye (f, Siberian husky). If you’re not an RSS weenie, you can probably see Skye over on the right too, giving a practical demonstration of […]