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Ecash and HTTP

One of the tricks with paying for http requests is that you screw up the protocol. Normal http requests are a simple request/response pair, and that’s it — you ask for a page, and you get given it. Worse, the protocol is optimised for that: if you want to do more than just send a […]


What would be really cool, is an aggregator that can collect your various favourite RSS feeds, categorise them (by author, and by subtopic), your various favourite webcomics, and random other information (weather at least) and present it in a “newspapery” format. That’s “really cool” in the “not necessarily effective, pleasant or useful” sense, of course.

Pictures and such

Is it just me, or is there something really unpleasant about seeing huge blocks of text in a blog, that aren’t broken up by pictures, or new headings or quotes from elsewhere? I suppose a “…read more” link would work, but I tend to find that a real nuisance. I wonder why I don’t mind […]

Britney’s Delay

(For those coming in late, “britney” is the name of the scripts that manage Debian’s testing distribution; it uses a number of criteria, including time since upload, number of open bugs, where it’s been ported to, and dependency information to maintain a set of packages that meet Debian’s release goals. I’m the Debian release manager […]

The Day!

Looks like today’s the day to move the old azure to the new azure! Ooo, the excitement! The terror! Will all my mail scatter to the nether regions, lost until the great cleaners reclaim the bits next April? Soon we shall find out!