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This is sure a nice thing to say: Ok, before I get blown out of the water too comprehensively, I must note that aj’s blog is a bit of a special case. There is just no way that I could write so fluently and fluidly as many words as he does each day. Well, maybe […]

Iraq, blahblahblah

A progress report on the investigation into weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Weve been very lucky. One set of these documents that we were happiest about – actually, the Iraqis had prepared them to be moved. They were put in two very large trailers outside the national monitoring directorate, and then something happened. They […]

Sly Cunning Bastards, addendum

Martin follows up to the previous entry, with an interesting question — is it ethical to lie to achieve a moral good, that is, (when) do the ends justify the means? The only problem here is that it’s not apparent that anyone lied (ie, deliberately uttered things they knew were untrue, and that they knew […]

Sly, Cunning Bastards

Wow, everyone really must miss me. Ben Fowler’s hitting my hot buttons too! Ben writes: Australians here, amongst others might be aware that our beloved PM has recently gotten some flak over intelligence he and his conservative cronies used to gatecrash the war in Iraq. The problem with this is that Ben’s not talking about […]

Future Fortunes

Obviously concerned at my lack of new entries while I’m travelling, Martin’s posted an irresistable taunt. The issue at question is “Why do modern societies work so much?” There are a few answers to this — one is simply an internalised desire to do work, ie, a work ethic. That’s a pretty trite line of […]

Porcine Platitudes

David Jericho, thinking about movies. Let’s hope he can keep his composure as he rejoins the blogosphere.

Linux.Conf.Au 2004 — Coming Soon!

Introducing the travelblog! Episode One: Adelaide, Excuse One: Linux.Conf.Au organising meeting. The trip was to help pass on any tricks and tips to this year’s organising committee, and make sure that everything’s rosy and nothing’s pear-shaped. Mmm. Pears. So I arrived Friday evening. Brrr. Cold. Southern states just have a different sort of cold, one […]