Fake Categories

The Planet Debian aggregator has confused me a bit — it’s meant to be a “community” thing, and be about things that aren’t directly Debian related, but on the other hand, I ramble on about boring Australian political stuff that can be pretty boring. Up until now Planet Debian has just snarfed my Debian section, but that means it misses out on the not-Debian-specific but still relevant/interesting posts I put up. So I got fed up tonight, and made up a new fake categories plugin so I can say exactly what categories should be included. It’s pretty cool, I think. It works by having a planetdebian.cat file in your blosxom datadir that looks like:


that just specifies the relevant categories. You access it by asking for the planetdebian category, a la http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/blog/planetdebian. Flavours and such Just Work. Sweet.

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