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Truth Overboard

Well, there probably was never much chance of me voting Labor this election, but they appear to have taken my ski trip last week as their cue to go completely nutso. As well as raising their lances at windmills they seem to have decided to follow the lead of the Australian Democrats (or, as they […]

Pr0n and Labor

From the Australian last week: ALL internet service providers would be forced to block hard-core pornography reaching home computers under a radical plan to protect children being pushed by federal Labor MPs. Crazy freaks. (Hat tip: Jason Soon and Yobbo)

Winning and Losing

Rusty (who really needs to setup blosxom and get permalinks) has posted some wrap-up comments on the FTA, which begin: So we lost the FTA battle. […] Personally, I’m strongly convinced that we won the FTA battle; we got everything I was hoping for, at least. It’s amazing the difference a single assumption can make; […]

Reinventing the Wheel

Apparently the latest in a long line of folks reinventing wheels to make apt-get update more efficient is Steve McIntyre. I’ve blogged previously on the topic. I don’t really have much more to say than that; in comparison Steve’s proposal requires fancy downloading, changes to apt-ftparchive and changes to the Packages file format in order […]

OSIA and LA Press Release

Ugh. Why do I find my first real fisking is of a press release by Linux Australia and OSIA (Open Source Industry Australia) — organisations whose goals I actually support? Oh well. Honesty over solidarity, I guess. (As a side note: it seems this has hit ZDNet, the Fairfax papers (the Sydney Morning Herald and […]

Temporary Copies

So, the Labor senators also made some recommendations about temporary copies: Recommendation 15 Labor Senators recommend that the Commonwealth Government implement Recommendations 15 and 16 of the Digital Agenda Review report prepared by Phillips Fox to ensure that temporary reproductions and caching are explicitly protected under Australian law. I briefly mentioned recommendation 15 of the […]

Labor’s FTA Recommendations

So the FTA Senate Committee’s final report is out now, and there are some more explicit recommendations from the Labor members. Here’s the cliff’s notes. Fair use is in: Recommendation 8 Labor Senators recommend that the Senate Select Committee on Intellectual Property [the establishment of which is Recommendation 6 — aj] investigate options for possible […]

Bush and Tenet

PoliPundit raves about Dubya’s acceptance speech for the Republican nomination in 2000. An interesting line from Cheney’s remarks: You will never see him pointing the finger of blame for failure…you will only see him sharing the credit for success. Ignoring the over-reaching generalisation, that comment is interesting in regard to how Bush has handled a […]

David’s Mad Perl Powahs

Huh, David’s mad perl skills are pulling all the hot lawyer chicks. Awesome! (His anewed attractiveness presumably has nothing to do with his acquisition of a mobile phone over the weekend) Though if he’s going all Napster over it and hoping to start off a “dot-id-au boom”, here’s hoping he thought to get a patent […]

EFX Newgen5

I’ve been thinking of getting an iPod for quite a while, but hadn’t quite managed to get over the “$500 for a fancy-shmancy walkman?? pfft!” mental hurdle. However things came to a head recently — I’ve joined the local gym to try to get a bit fitter for skiing in a couple of weeks (Mmmm. […]

Notable Quotes

Motion That the Committee recommend that the Senate agree to the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Bill. For: Senators Cook, Conroy, O’Brien, Brandis, Ferris, Boswell Against: Senators Ridgeway, Harris Summary of Senate inquiry into the FTA Told you so. me, right here, right now Actually, I probably haven’t told you so, gentle reader (and the […]