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David’s Mad Perl Powahs

Huh, David’s mad perl skills are pulling all the hot lawyer chicks. Awesome! (His anewed attractiveness presumably has nothing to do with his acquisition of a mobile phone over the weekend) Though if he’s going all Napster over it and hoping to start off a “dot-id-au boom”, here’s hoping he thought to get a patent […]

EFX Newgen5

I’ve been thinking of getting an iPod for quite a while, but hadn’t quite managed to get over the “$500 for a fancy-shmancy walkman?? pfft!” mental hurdle. However things came to a head recently — I’ve joined the local gym to try to get a bit fitter for skiing in a couple of weeks (Mmmm. […]

Notable Quotes

Motion That the Committee recommend that the Senate agree to the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Bill. For: Senators Cook, Conroy, O’Brien, Brandis, Ferris, Boswell Against: Senators Ridgeway, Harris Summary of Senate inquiry into the FTA Told you so. me, right here, right now Actually, I probably haven’t told you so, gentle reader (and the […]