So, after downloading another yet another 25MB of mail to delete, I finally decided it was time to update my server-side spam handling. Boring nonsense. Greylisting seems to be a decent next stage in the escalation, though unfortunately it requires upgrading to exim4 and dealing with backports and the weird “Debian-exim” user and complicated packaging. Oh well, at least all the nifty acl features should be fun to play with.

Unfortunately the various addresses that eventually make it to my MUA are still horrible spamtraps. Hopefully just dropping mail to will be a good first step.

UPDATE 2004/09/10:

Yowza. In about twelve hours, greylisting and shunting mail aside managed to drop my spam count to about five; only one of which made it to my inbox. As opposed to a couple of hundred. Awesome — email’s actually useful again. I think’s mostly to blame unfortunately.

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