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Quick Apt Updates

Continuing my “Today’s links” variant in my usual indolent fashion, an interesting post from the other week was this one on making apt-get update a bit quicker and more pleasant. It’s based on these ideas from a while ago, but now it actually works. (Well, actually it worked years ago when Ben Bell first […]

Easier to Buy than Steal

That’s the ABC’s claim anyway: The increasing popularity of online music stores is welcome news to a music industry that blames digital piracy for more than two years of precipitous sales declines. “The biggest challenge for the digital music business has always been to make music easier to buy than to steal,” IFPI chairman and […]

Using Lisa

With the trend of posting daily links, I’ve been thinking of trying out a “daily mailing list posts”. Maybe I’ll get around to it sometime. Anyway, today’s mailing list post is this one about dodgy uploads of lib packages. It seems to be the season for it, since Matt Zimmerman did the same thing […]

Test Cases

One of the curious things about testing software is that as far as increasing your confidence in the code is concerned, it’s better to have a test suite that finds bugs, rather than one that doesn’t. The problem is that for any piece of software that ever works, you can find an infinite number of […]