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Mmmm, donuts

I think people need to stop talking about McDonalds and Starbucks on every corner, and instead start promoting the ubiquity of Krispy Kreme. Mmmm, sugary capitalist goodness.

Fair Use

Well, it looks like fair use is back on the agenda in Australia.

The Winner Is… Syduhney!

So I was in Sydney over the weekend for the first LA exec meeting of this term. The meeting was, like all meetings, boundlessly thrilling, and minutes will follow. This post is for the trivia. First, my poor, poor expectations. Cast mercilessly aside to be dashed on the rocks of reality. The trip started well […]

From my Inbox

Subject: Warning: inactivity detected Really, I’m surprised I don’t see that more often.

Sony v Stevens

Via IP Wars, seems there’s been some oral argument in the High Courty on the Sony v Stevens case (ie, is it okay to sell PlayStation modchips, whether you’re using the modchips to play imported games, or pirated games?). Justice McHugh raises some good points. Here’s a notable exchange: McHUGH J: But you seem to […]


My mum has a high school reunion coming up, and got some copies of her old school magazines so she could write some articles. As it turns out she wrote a fair chunk of articles for them, one of which was a glowing review entitled “Australia!” Interestingly, it came from the assumption that the reader […]

Linux Australia AGM Minutes

Well, a draft anyway. Available now from the linux-aus archives. Highlight? Announcement of the location and dates for 2006!

Baby Got Book

David pointed out the absolutely sacralicious “Baby Got Book” that seems to be doing the rounds (and if it’s not, it should be!). Normally I wouldn’t relink to things even that awesome (in the same way I didn’t pass on the cartoon skeletons page Hanna of Debian linked to), however in light of Ricky’s spiel […]


Wow; I thought David getting a hit from the Troppo Armadillo was cool (not to mention the rest of his growing fan club), but now the other David gets slapped in the face with the velvet glove of the Mistress of Hollywood Babylon herself?