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The Travelblog Prospectus

— Log opened Wed Feb 02 01:27:21 2005 <vorlon> btw, it seems Skolelinux is interested in sponsoring a physical meeting of folks related to the release process to discuss how we can get Debian to a state of timely, regular releasing. Your name was on the list of people I said should be there. Would […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

James Troup and I are giving a talk at the Debian mini-conf at LCA in six minutes. We mostly finished the slides. What could possibly go wrong?


Skye, 1991 – 2005 Chips, 1998 – 2005 Regular readers may remember Skye, Chips and Cheeky from my gratuitous dog-blogging of last year. Sadly, Skye hasn’t been getting any younger, and over the past months her hind legs became more arthritic, she lost her hearing and her bowel control, and a couple of weeks ago […]

Hedgehogs and the Military

A couple of days after Ubuntu released warty, I had a look at how warty and sarge compared at least so far as how current their packages were. With hoary freshly released, and some more discussion underway, it seems worthwhile doing another comparison. To review, Ubuntu creates a new release by synchronising various packages against […]

DPL Vote Turnout

So I get bored occasionally and start analysing things. Some interesting absences from the DPL voting this year seem notable. None of our ex-DPLs have voted (yet): Ian Murdock’s stuck in n-m so has something of an excuse, but Bruce Perens, Ian Jackson, Wichert Akkerman, Ben Collins and Bdale Garbee also don’t appear eligible for […]