A Heart of Stone

I had been going to include this in my travelblog, but then I forgot, and then I decided I could give it its own entry anyway. To set the scene, imagine trudging up a mountain, about a kilometre above sea-level, with another half-kilometre of vertical rise still to go before you’ve got any chance of civilisation. You’re exhausted, you’re thirsty, you’re hungry, you’re wishing for ice cream. The path at this point is steep enough they’ve not only carved steps into it, but they’ve had to make them barely wide enough to fit your feet.

On one step, you see this. Buried in the mud, overgrown, trampled on, alone, and lost to the world: a heart of stone.

And yet, craggy and marred, it endures, unbroken.

(Also at the very bottom of the photo you can see the tip of one my new boots! They’re awesome!)

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