Archive for June 2005

Scott James Remnant Considered Harmful

I refer, of course, to the appearance of Bug#313400 in the archive and making unstable bootstrapping break in subtle ways on the very day I make my first debootstrap upload in a year and a half. Bastard. I noticed the bug when converting the sid script to have the nifty detailed progress support Colin Watson […]

Opening Pandora’s Archive

Huh, while the fair use inquiry‘s open for submissions, the National Library of Australia’s crawling my website. Cool. (Hrm, apparently I have Anna to thank for the link.)

Cross-strapping Revisited

Quite some time ago now, I started hacking on cross-strapping support for debootstrap — that is, you start bootstrapping your install non-natively (eg, a Hurd install on a Linux system, a powerpc install on an i386, or a Debian install on a Solaris system), then boot into your half unpacked system, and reinvoke debootstrap to […]

On Ubuntu

So, one of the current boring, argumentative threads on -devel is Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?. Which is a bit of a weird question, since really every derivative’s a fork, and vice-versa. The real question, of course, is whether Ubuntu is a “good” derivative or a “bad” one — whether […]