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Debugging Debootstrap

Contrary to expectations, last week’s AJ Market project turned out to be debootstrap, not dak. Just goes to show a single person can make a difference in today’s world: debootstrap popped into the lead from nearly the bottom thanks to a single contribution. (I wonder if it makes more sense to make contributions anonymous or […]

AJ Market Update

Hrm, I’m going a bit single issue; I should fix that. But not right now. So it’s been a couple of weeks since I first posted about my little market experiment, which seems as good a time as any to take a look at how it’s working out. On the one hand it’s going fairly […]


So this week’s project was working on dak, in particular getting the tiffani implemention included. What’s tiffani, you ask? It lets you just download the changes to Sources.gz and Packages.gz files, instead of the whole damn thing — if you have main, contrib, and non-free for unstable in your sources.list, this means your apt-get update […]

Usercategories and other miscellania

So, this week’s AJ Market project was the first couple of items on my debbugs TODO list, viz: Finish off usertag support Implement usercategory support Both of these are essentially followup for the initial usertags announcement from last month. The usertags cleanup amounted to adding some basic documentation which will hopefully make it to the […]

The AJ Market

Where to begin? One of the things that’s most struck me about Ubuntu is how far it’s progressed with little more than Debian as a base, some reasonable cash to cover a professional level of work, and some dedication to promoting itself and community building. As an experiment, in July, August and September I tried […]