So I’ve pre-poll voted in preparation for my trip to Melbourne for the LA face-to-face. Not a very exciting range of candidates: Anna Bligh for Labor who’s premier; Mary Carroll for LNP who’s apparently the state secretary of the party; Gary Kane for the Greens who’s running on an anti-developers platform, with light rail to solve local traffic problems; a Socialist Alliance guy who doesn’t actually live in the electorate; David Rendell who wants daylight savings; Derek Rosborough who’s a serial independent candidate and wants a review of water fluoridation; Matt Coates who’s part of the “Reclaim Queensland” bunch of independents; and Merilyn Haines and Greg Martin who I couldn’t find anything out about. Hrm, I suppose one of them might be the “sex party” candidate.

A day late for WoBloMo (unless you go by Hawaii time…) but I figured I shouldn’t blog ’til I’d actually voted…

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