Okay, so I’m late to the party, but munin is great. I modified Mark Suter’s internode-quota-check to dump output in a form suitable for munin and ended up with some graphs. Today’s is a little confusing:


Somehow the blocks of downloads that almost used up the remainder of my quota yesterday just vanished! Awesome. Especially since there apparently wasn’t any downloading happening during those blocks. Apparently there’s rumours that the quota exempt stuff is sometimes added to your usage as it happens, then deducted later, so maybe that’s what happened.

The red “variance” line is how much expected quota usage differs from actual usage — by the above I would’ve expected to have used 2.5GB more than I actually have so far. (The expected usage is just a constant rate that will exhaust the entire quota just in time for it to rollover)


  1. James Polley says:

    Apparently? Rumours? Sounds like a reliable source!

    There’s no need for apparent rumours though, you can find out direct from Internode.

    “Access to unmetered sites will initially appear in your measured usage totals, and will then be ‘wound back’ off your usage meter afterwards. This adjustment normally occurs within a few hours of the access concerned.”

    Thanks for playing, better luck next time!

  2. James Polley says:

    Okay, maybe I put a little too much snark into that last comment.

    Also, there’s a slight chance I’ve spent a few more hours than is healthy reading through internode FAQs

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