Dubya and Gay Marriage

The world’s an odd place. In this year’s State of the Union, and as one of his election platforms, President Bush has supported the push to reserve marriage in the US for straight folk. Various sensible folks were naturally outraged at this, just as other various sensible folks have been concerned to various degrees by some of Prime Minister Howard’s thoughts on the same subject.

I find it pretty interesting to contrast these sorts of takes with this little bit of banter I noticed the other day:

President Bush opened his 10-minute remarks to the gathering with a reference to what he referred to as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s “favorite show” on television. Those anticipating an “Apprentice” punch line — the Donald, after all, was only a few yards away — guessed wrong.

“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” Bush said, generating a roomful of laughter. “My Cabinet could take some pointers from watching that show. In fact, I’m going to have the Fab Five do a makeover on [Attorney General John] Ashcroft.”

When even the folks you think of as your most dangerous enemies think you have something of great value to offer them, and can find joy and pleasure when talking about you, you can’t be far off winning.

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