Digital Agenda Review v the Free Trade Agreement

The Attorney-General’s department says this about the Digital Agenda report:

Current Status of the Government’s Review

Phillips Fox conducted their research and analysis independently of the Government. During the term of the consultancy the Government negotiated with the United States a Free Trade Agreement. The Government is now moving towards signing its Free Trade Agreement with the US and implementing its obligations. In some areas, the copyright provisions of the Free Trade Agreement supersede the recommendations made in the Phillips Fox report. Where relevant the Phillips Fox report is being used to inform the Government’s implementation of the Free Trade Agreement obligations.

Following the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement obligations, the Government will conclude its broader review of the Digital Agenda reforms. The broader review will include analysis of the Phillips Fox report in relation to issues that were not considered in the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement as well as other Digital Agenda reform issues that were raised during the review.

They’re also still accepting submissions:

If you have concerns in relation to the Digital Agenda or the Computer Programs amendments to the Copyright Act that were not covered in the issues papers, or on which you have not already made a submission to Phillips Fox, make a submission on that matter directly to the Attorney-General’s Department (attention of Copyright Law Branch, Robert Garran Offices, National Circuit Barton ACT 2600). Such concerns will be considered by the Government as part of its broader review of the reforms.

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