Skiing? Mmm, mmm!

Following the brilliant weekend at Mt Buller last year, we went back again in August this year to see if history wouldn’t mind repeating; this time bringing along my step-borther and his kids. Happily, things turned out even better: similar amounts of snow, even nicer accommodation, and way better weather.

We tried rearranging our trip to get the most skiing time in: we flew to Melbourne in the afternoon, then drove to Bonnydoon, where we enjoyed a cold, but nevertheless tranquil, evening in little motel resort place. Next morning we headed on to the mountain and checked in — the aim was to get a full day skiing in when we arrived, but we only actually managed to get our skis and lift passes organised by a little after lunch. Oh well, worth a shot.

There were enough people at the mountain over the weekend that when we arrived on Sunday, we had to park on the side of the road rather than at one of the resort carparks; then we got one of the 4WD snow taxis to cart us and our luggage up the resort. We got dropped off behind the lodge, and it took a bit to actually work out where we were meant to be, so naturally a snowball fight developed.

When we eventually worked out where we were meant to be, one of the owners/staff of the lodge was showing us where our unit was and how to get back out onto the slopes, and helping with our luggage. As was the cute little girl you can see in the photo to the left, with Alisa Camplin, underneath the signed racing vest. There was another jersey signed by Zali Steggall and Jacqui Cooper. How goddamn classy is that?

Oh yes, this time there’s a movie too. It’s way cool! It’s also Quicktime only. Damn Apple!

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