The Winner Is… Syduhney!

So I was in Sydney over the weekend for the first LA exec meeting of this term. The meeting was, like all meetings, boundlessly thrilling, and minutes will follow. This post is for the trivia.

First, my poor, poor expectations. Cast mercilessly aside to be dashed on the rocks of reality. The trip started well — I was flying Virgin Blue. But then, it all went wrong. The head stewardess was a guy. On a Virgin Blue flight. Sure, he was young, fun, and attractive in his own way, but still — a guy! WTF?!

The trip continued badly. On Saturday night, we went to a dark, sophisticated cocktail lounge in Woolloomooloo. We ordered expensive cocktails, and even had one invented on request, possibly some sort of watermelon martini that may have been baptised Flames of Passion. Or perhaps something else, I’ve no idea. And then, and then our dark, sophisticated cosmopolitan cocktail lounge closed — at 11:30pm. Did I mention this was on Saturday night?

Likewise, public transport was clean, pleasant and mostly ran on time, the weather was sunny and clear, and when traipsing through Kings Cross at midnight alone and at night, I wasn’t mugged even once.

Also worth noting the “Bombay Lounge” in Surry Hills is an awesome little indian restaurant. Some of the nicest I’ve had, with good portions, and excellent service. Apparently they’re planning on opening some more restaurants in other cities sometime too.

Krispy Kreme donuts are pretty yummy, too.

Also, you’d think I’d know by now that sunburn is bad, mmmkay.

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