Blogging Like Nobody’s Watching

While I do blog under the title “indolence log” for a reason, I’ve been a bit unhappy with how little I’ve managed to blog since April — barely managing one post a month. That drop-off coincided pretty sharply with getting elected DPL, and my best guess at the reasoning is that I’ve associated blogging with getting aggregated by Planet Debian, and the implication that I need to be careful about anything I might say. And that’s pretty much in conflict with how I prefer to blog, so I’ve been thinking over the last few days about whether I should deaggregate myself from Planet Debian to help avoid that tendency. So far it seems like just remembering what my blog’s about is enough, but we’ll see.

Of course, it’s hard to blog like no one’s watching when you do a quick post about todo lists, and get half a dozen replies in your inbox and elsewhere. Anyway, I stumbled upon gtodo (a simple gtk based todo app) after posting, probably not for the first time, and found it actually had all the field I wanted, and nothing else. I’ve tweaked the source a little (to include the weekday name in the date field, and only include the comments in the tooltips), and so far it looks like exactly what I specced out. We’ll see if that works for me over the next few weeks…

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