Eee box

So I fell for Zazz‘s “Thingy of the Day” last week and ordered an Asus Eee Box. It arrived today, and is pretty respectable — the “screws onto the back of your LCD” form-factor is pretty sweet, and having SD cards as the only removable media seems pretty decent too. Built in wireless, decent number of ports, and it all looks good. It came with Xandros installed (as opposed to XP) which I’ve now replaced with Debian, though haven’t finished setting it up yet. I’m planning on trying to make it replace azure (my co-located server) entirely, though I’m not sure it’ll actually have quite the capacity to handle that. And there’s a few things I’d possibly like to make it do in addition too, like act as a MythTV server for the PS3, provide IPv6 addresses for my home network, work with my laptop so I can have a triple-head display over ethernet since my DVI/VGA ports can’t go that far, etc.

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  1. aj says:

    So wireless didn’t work straight away; it needed the rt2860sta module (“m-a a-i rt2860”), and that in turn needed RT2860STA.dat copied from /usr/share/doc/*/examples into /etc/Wireless/RT2860STA/. Otherwise, full of win!

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