Wikis and Junkcode

A brief update mostly linking to other things.

I’ve been thinking it’d be fun to try developing code in a wiki environment — ie, web based, reasonably pretty, simple markup, potentially collaborative, and with text/links as first class elements; basically my idea of what LitProg2.0 might look like. As such, I’ve been poking at some hackable wikis — particularly ikiwiki and sputnik. Anyway, as the previous link explains I decided sputnik was the way to go, so now I have a junkcode wiki. A bit of hacking also means I have an RSS feed of new junkcode roughly as I add it, which hackers reading this might find interesting to follow. (There’s a few problems with the RSS generation — it’s not terribly efficient, but that’s probably okay with feedburner as a middleman; and sputnik seems to miscorrect for the TZ, giving timestamps 10 hours too earlier than reality, or so. But hey, it has pretty colours!)


  1. James says:

    Why just store the code in the wiki, when you can execute it as well? (Not my project, although I have admin rights and think I just broke the C parser upgrading packages with security fixes).

  2. James says:

    Right, C compilation fixed, although the sharks were getting close at one point.

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