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I haven’t been blogging much lately; and for some reason I feel obliged to note that for a change that this is neither a forthright demonstration of languid apathy, nor even an expected consequence of a surfeit of other things to do. Oh well, what we can’t manage in frequency or regularity, will presumably be […]

First Birthday!

I made my first post to this blog a year ago yesterday. I think it’s pretty appropriate to have commemorated such a momentous anniversary by not blogging at all yesterday.

See More

I’ve been using the SeeMore plugin mostly for moving my travelblog pictures to separate pages, because even on broadband they’re a nuisance to download and scroll through all the time. But now that my blog’s “syndicated” I feel kind-of obliged not to fill up the planet with long essays, which means splitting longish techy essays […]

SmartyPants and Titles

Hrm, the Planet aggregators don’t seem to like smartquotes in titles. So I’ve disabled them. Lame.

Fake Categories

The Planet Debian aggregator has confused me a bit — it’s meant to be a “community” thing, and be about things that aren’t directly Debian related, but on the other hand, I ramble on about boring Australian political stuff that can be pretty boring. Up until now Planet Debian has just snarfed my Debian section, […]

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Good lord. Challenged with this massive redesign, incorporating a near 100% decrease in oh-so-lameness, all I can come up with are a few minor tweaks (mostly: titles are permalinks and you can hover over the title to see the section. woo. excitement). Oh well, there was a reason I chose to name my blog as […]

Musing about Musing

One of the things I like about blogging is that there’s no requirement to do a good job — it’s just my ramblings, on my website, covering whatever my fancies might run to. That’s particularly nice in that it gives me somewhere to just whine or ponder about whatever I might like — I’m not […]


Wow. It’s good to be number one! Interestingly, there are 3370 hits (almost six times as many!) when you do that search for equivalent “liberal” blogs. Yet another example of the disgusting strangle-hold through which the irresponsible liberal media attempts to mould the minds of mankind. (Hat tip: Rhys Arkins)

I Want

One feature I’d really like for my blog is a micro that just caches the pages I link to (along with any graphics, frames, embedded junk, stylesheets and whatever else they might contain that affects how they display), so that I can have blosxom automagically redirect the link to my cached copy if and […]

Objective Curley

White Glenn linked to a Veteran’s Day story about the leadership shown by Captain Harry (Zan) Hornbuckle. It’s an impressive story: a group of soldiers are thrown together, given very little time to coalesce as a team, told to secure an area, come under heave attack (300 against 80), and end up saving the day. […]

Footnote URLs

So, one thing which annoys me a bit about writing blog entries is the way the horrible markup for links screws up the formatting of the entries as I see it in the editor. It makes a couple of words take up a whole line, and screws up the word-wrapping, and makes things unreadable. Which […]

Blosxom Updates Plugin

So, since it still seems like a cool idea, I decided to write a plugin for blosxom to let me do after-the-fact updates to blog entries in the instapundit style. You can download the code if you like. It supports most of the features thought up in the molelog comments: you can call the updates […]

Ben on Blogging

Ben Fowler recently opined on blogging. Unfortunately he did a pretty poor job of it, and doesn’t seem inclined to provide corrections on his own; and given it was probably in response to something I wrote, I’m inclined to offer some rebuttals. Ben’s first mistake, is that he neglected to offer any external links in […]


This is sure a nice thing to say: Ok, before I get blown out of the water too comprehensively, I must note that aj’s blog is a bit of a special case. There is just no way that I could write so fluently and fluidly as many words as he does each day. Well, maybe […]


What would be really cool, is an aggregator that can collect your various favourite RSS feeds, categorise them (by author, and by subtopic), your various favourite webcomics, and random other information (weather at least) and present it in a “newspapery” format. That’s “really cool” in the “not necessarily effective, pleasant or useful” sense, of course.