See More

I’ve been using the SeeMore plugin mostly for moving my travelblog pictures to separate pages, because even on broadband they’re a nuisance to download and scroll through all the time. But now that my blog’s “syndicated” I feel kind-of obliged not to fill up the planet with long essays, which means splitting longish techy essays after the first paragraph; but that isn’t really what I want my blog to look like.

I could make RSS feeds always be short, but that doesn’t really seem like the right solution either; in fact for the non-aggregated case it might be better for RSS feeds to always be long, even for the travelblog case. Which gives me four scenarios: RSS feeds which should show everything; normal web viewing which should show essays, but not photoessays; seemore web viewing which should show everything; and aggregator feeds which should only show the first paragraph or two.

I think MovableType automatically only includes the first paragraph (or few sentences even) in RSS feeds. I wonder if there’s a good way of doing something similar in blosxom.

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