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Internode quota redux

I guess I posted my previous post too soon, because just after midnight last night the usage that had disappeared magically reappeared. Traffic shaping had already started about six hours earlier, despite internode-quota-check telling me there was a few GB left, and I’d gotten the “over quota” email, so at least it’s all consistent now. […]


Okay, so I’m late to the party, but munin is great. I modified Mark Suter’s internode-quota-check to dump output in a form suitable for munin and ended up with some graphs. Today’s is a little confusing: Somehow the blocks of downloads that almost used up the remainder of my quota yesterday just vanished! Awesome. Especially […]

Toying with IPv6

For no good reason I’ve got IPv6 working on my laptop now. It’s not directly via Internode, unfortunately, because for some reason it wouldn’t seem to authenticate. But Aarnet’s broker service seems to work easily enough, and is almost as good. My setup involved installing the tspc package, setting userid, passwd, server, if_prefix and a […]

Oh dear

So I’ve applied for membership of SAGE-AU, and started using drupal to build a website. Both seem entirely satisfactory, but I wonder how much more of this I can take before I’ll have to hand over my Real Programmer’s license…

Unix 2.0

I quite like the Web 2.0 revolution, both from the interactive, crowd-sourcing, social aspect, and the technical aspect. It’s the technical side of things that I’ve found particularly interesting lately, especially after reading about some of the possibilities of Google Chrome and Google Gears and apps like AjaxTerm or ChipTune. There’s a whole lot of […]

So what?

I know LCA has had a policy of treating its speakers like rock stars in the past, but sometimes I wonder if that gets taken a bit far, you know? Like, who can even tell the difference anymore? P!nk, rock star Valerie Aurora, kernel hacker I mean, just imagine what confusion could ensue if we […]


A photographic portrait of Keith Packard writing his lca abstract:

Select and Python Generators

One of the loveliest things about Unix is the select() function (or its replacement, poll()), and the way it lets a single thread handle a host of concurrent tasks efficiently by just using file descriptors as work queues. Unfortunately, it can be a nuisance to use — you end up having to structure your program […]

The Leaf of Trust

Wow. Pretty.

Baby Got Bloat

With the whole incipient git obsession I’ve been cleaning out some of my scratch dirs. In one, last touched in mid-2006, I found: Oh. My. God. Becky, look at that bloat! It’s so big… It looks like one of those Microsoft products… Who understands those Microsoft guys anyway? They only code that crap because they’re […]

User configuration

Inspired mostly by Joey’s nonchalant way of dealing with the death of his laptop… This seems less of a disaster than other times a laptop’s disk has died on me. When did it start to become routine? […] My mr and etckeeper setup made it easy to check everything back out from revision control. […] […]

tempus fugit

I blogged a fair bit about darcs some time ago, but since then I’ve not been able to get comfortable with the patch algebra’s approach to dealing with conflicting merges — I think mostly because it doesn’t provide a way for the user to instruct darcs on how to recover from a conflict and continue […]


What I want for christmas:

Multiple Repositories — Sumultaneously!

If, like me, you’ve been following development of Joey’s nifty new multi-repository tool and busily registering all your git and bzr and cvs and whatnot repos, you might have noticed a tantalising TODO item that’s recently appeared in the git repo: * Ability to run commands in paralell? (-j n) If done right, this could […]

Amazon’s S3

I’ve thought S3 was pretty awesome sounding ever since it launched early last year. Sadly I haven’t managed to get it set up yet — it’s refusing to accept my credit card (which I’ve used to buy stuff from Amazon before), so I just get a NotSignedUp error and told “Your account is not signed […]