This is sure a nice thing to say:

Ok, before I get blown out of the water too comprehensively, I must note that aj’s blog is a bit of a special case. There is just no way that I could write so fluently and fluidly as many words as he does each day. Well, maybe I could, if I found a dark, quiet room with running coffee and alcohol and made a rule that I couldn’t leave unless I’d written five thousand words. I’d have to quit my job, stop playing sport…

I’m also surprised by aj’s relatively strong command of political analysis. Anil, should you read this, would you do me a favour and read what he writes? I’d like to know if it’s complete waffle or whatever.

When I write about neo-con stuff, I should note that I’m (ab)using the term to mean “newly conservative”, since I’ve only been inclined in the small-government, capitalist, minimal state-assistance, etc viewpoint for a few months now. Almost everything I know about politics comes from the sources linked on the sidebar, and my own critical thought, neither of which are things you ought to be relying on too heavily, let alone exclusively.

Oh, I should also note that there’s no way I’m going to be updating this on a daily basis with any regularity.

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