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Saying Thankyou

“I want to thank the Australian people who supported our cause when they demonstrated against the policies of George Bush. Say thank you to all of them,” Sawad said.


I wonder why no one seems to describe free software with the phrase “free as in free trade”.

Burling Blog

Jason Parker, pondering his and Ann’s recent investment in a couple of decades of source material for the family blog.


Arch has gotten really rather impressive since I last looked at it. It’s design has stabilised enough to be rewritten in C (from sh), and the repository format seems remarkably sane and powerful, if perhaps a little overly verbose. Distributed repositories over plain http, ftp and NFS all seem supported, which is way cool. And […]

Anger Management

The inimitable White Glenn received one of those obnoxious confirmation-bounces anti-spam software occassionally does these days. As a man of good taste and high ideals, he didn’t like it. How to avoid this problem with our hypothetical $MTP protocol? The only possibility I can see is over analysing all our email — if you get […]

Choose Molestation

There’s certainly something wrong here. UPDATE 2003/08/22: John Howard’s reaction to Pauline Hanson’s sentence: “Like many other Australians, on the face of it, it does seem [to me] a very long unconditional sentence for what she’s alleged to have done,” [Howard] said. Peter Beattie’s response to that: Mr Beattie says politicians should stop commenting on […]

Opinions and Insight

There’s an interesting dichotomy of opinions on opinions: half the time people are intensely interested in what everyone else’s opinions on things are, and half the time everyone’s nodding in wry agreement to comments such as “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one”. This difference is also found in the reaction to government polling: sure, […]

Random thoughts

Some analysis on release delays, that’s not incredibly empirical or rigorous but seems interesting to me, at any rate.

RC Policy Additions

A day or so in, and as well as the pre-announcement addition of LSB compliance, the sarge release criteria have had two additions: python policy (5.q) and some remarks about logrotate (5.j). I wonder how much is too much.

Reading Comprehension 101

So, I write: As stronger medicine, we’re going to spend the next few weeks — in particular, the period between Saturday 23rd August and Sunday 14th September — […] On the other hand, as a maintainer, while you’re certainly encouraged to spend the next few days fixing any outstanding issues that you think might be […]

Today’s Delusion

This will suffice for blogging today. I’m pondering trying to do more release-manager blogging, not quite sure how or if it’ll work out.

Blosxom Updates Plugin

So, since it still seems like a cool idea, I decided to write a plugin for blosxom to let me do after-the-fact updates to blog entries in the instapundit style. You can download the code if you like. It supports most of the features thought up in the molelog comments: you can call the updates […]

Ben on Blogging

Ben Fowler recently opined on blogging. Unfortunately he did a pretty poor job of it, and doesn’t seem inclined to provide corrections on his own; and given it was probably in response to something I wrote, I’m inclined to offer some rebuttals. Ben’s first mistake, is that he neglected to offer any external links in […]



Debcamp/Debconf, Oslo (and London!)

<stockholm> aj: will you come? <stockholm> aj: 12. -17 jul <stockholm> aj: please? (*bamby eyes*) <aj> stockholm: hey, if someone wants to wave free plane tickets in my face i could be easily convinced :) Europeans are so generous. Well, at least with money they collect from Americans. Continuing the exciting saga of the travelblog, […]