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Idiotic Reporters

Feh. Listening to Sky News tonight report on Bush’s visit to Baghdad airport. What did the Iraqis think? “Some were indifferent, others were angry.” Apparently not one actively approved. Meanwhile the ABC’s current take on it is to headline a story that says: The American media has given a generally favourable response to US President […]

Stupid Politicians

Peter Lewis is a bloody idiot. Even the alt.usage.english FAQ agrees. What’s up with the Speaker in State Parliament being more arbitrary and implausible than a random Internet newsgroup?


Michael and Greg haven’t written their blogs yet, but they whine at me about updating mine! Is that fair? I don’t think so.

Teamwork and Cooperation

There’s apparently a Cornell University and University of Virginia project called Fedora, and they’re having a spat with Red Hat over their Fedora project. The universities’ press release contains the gem: The Cornell and Virginia teams have taken a number of steps to try to work with Red Hat regarding use of the name Fedora. […]


Well, what do you know? Keeping all your receipts and going through them actually pays off. I’d been thinking recently that I really should get around to getting a copy of Torch the Moon, the latest Whitlam’s CD. For “recently”, read “since September” or so, as it happens I started thinking this more or less […]

I Want

One feature I’d really like for my blog is a micro that just caches the pages I link to (along with any graphics, frames, embedded junk, stylesheets and whatever else they might contain that affects how they display), so that I can have blosxom automagically redirect the link to my cached copy if and […]

Objective Curley

White Glenn linked to a Veteran’s Day story about the leadership shown by Captain Harry (Zan) Hornbuckle. It’s an impressive story: a group of soldiers are thrown together, given very little time to coalesce as a team, told to secure an area, come under heave attack (300 against 80), and end up saving the day. […]


So, I’ve actually done something vaguely productive with arch now; namely put debootstrap into it, and hacked on cross-strapping support. Cross-strapping is basically inspired by the needs of the Hurd project, and more particularly the crosshurd package. Basically, in order to install a Debian GNU/Hurd system you have to boot up Linux, do partitioning and […]

Larry McVoy Advocates Arch

Admittedly, that’s not what he’s trying to do when he says: People mumble about arch until they go use it for a while and realize it is about 3-5 years behind BK. Here’s what he was saying about BitKeeper four years ago, in 1999: The problem with most systems is that they don’t scale. They […]

Open Source Betting Market

Some more thoughts on this topic. Ecash is actually something of a distraction in the description; there’s no particular need for people to be able to do anonymous transactions, or to transact without talking to a central market — so you can do this just as effectively with market accounts. In that case, it makes […]

Catching Up

Hrm, haven’t made a “release manager” blog post since August. Nice. Fortunately that’s not entirely representative of how slack I’ve been, but it’s not as far off as might be nice. Due to the aforementioned chaos I’ve been almost completely out of the loop for the past few weeks. On the upside, this has given […]