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AJ blasts sloppy ABC

So, here’s the lede: Howard blasts ‘sloppy’ Latham Prime Minister John Howard has launched a scathing attack on Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham, saying he is sloppy with the truth and he wants to expose him. But the Labor Party is unfazed by Mr Howard’s criticism. At the time of writing, that’s what’s visible on […]

Dinner With Michael!

I had dinner with Michael. Other people showed up too. Michael forced me to post pictures, because he’s vain. Unfortunately he’s not vain enough to blog. Bitch.

Billion 743GE

As part of moving, I needed to get the Internet hooked up again, which meant getting a new ADSL modem. Looking around, there seemed to be good deals for combination ADSL modem/4 port hub/wireless access point dealies, and as it turned out I was able to get a second hand one for even cheaper. As […]

Happy New Year

Well, the year has certainly started off in a decidedly odd way. At the very least, I’ve commenced it the way I hope to finish it — with broadband Internet at home. Yay! Those couple of weeks without while I moved were… wearying. In any case, this hopefully marks the resumption of irregular blogging. UPDATE […]