Musing about Musing

One of the things I like about blogging is that there’s no requirement to do a good job — it’s just my ramblings, on my website, covering whatever my fancies might run to. That’s particularly nice in that it gives me somewhere to just whine or ponder about whatever I might like — I’m not obliged to censor myself because my friends or colleagues mightn’t be interested, or because I don’t have any clue what I’m talking about. Blogs are meant to be the ignorant rambling of the proletariat.

On the other hand, various folks do read my blog now. Which means there are people to potentially annoy or offend if I say something stupid, and things I express poorly might end up having an effect instead of disappearing into the ether.

I’ve not been using my debian section very consistently for much this reason, I think: it isn’t a really natural fit with the rest of my blog. Blogging does seem a good fit to hacking, though. Maybe I should try some “changelog blogging” as I hack on debootstrap; though perhaps it’d be a good idea to get a public arch repository for that setup first to avoid being too much of a tease. Might be a good idea to get my “working copy” to actually work again too.

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