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It’s Debian’s 12th birthday, and bubbles’ alphabetical birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with some recipe blogging? Bubbles Bread Ingredients: 1 slice of bread mustard mayonnaise Cover the bread with the mustard and mayonnaise. Be artistic! Serves 1.

Debbugs Pops The Trunk

Mikal writes: Why do I use Debian? Well, one of the reasons is the bug reporting. People in Mikal’s shoes might’ve noticed a few changes in the Debian bug tracking system (BTS) lately, such as the long awaited roll out of version tracking to help us deal with tracking bugs amongst the multiple versions of […]

Code Comments Hate My Freedom

Stewart and Michael have chimed in on whether comments in code are evil or not. Michael reiterates the industry wisdom: Getting the level of commenting right is hard, especially if you haven’t written much code, or if you are unfamiliar with the domain or the implementation language. But commenting done right can greatly assist yourself […]

Catching Up

So, having been out of the country for the past few weeks, I haven’t really been up on what’s been happening with Linux in Australia. Slack, I know. It seems lots has. We’ve had Jon seeking fame and fortune in the opinion pages of the IT press, we’ve had the inaugural “LA Update” podcast, we’ve […]