Catching Up

So, having been out of the country for the past few weeks, I haven’t really been up on what’s been happening with Linux in Australia. Slack, I know. It seems lots has. We’ve had Jon seeking fame and fortune in the opinion pages of the IT press, we’ve had the inaugural “LA Update” podcast, we’ve had some progress on the Linux trademark in Australia, the 2006 call for papers has come out (just over a month left before submissions close), some of the LCA 2005 crew have started a community mirror project under LA’s auspices, the call for papers for LinuxWorld conference/expo (to be held in Sydney, in March 2006) came out, we’ve had a rash of grant applications including the Twisted Sprint, Teen Challenge, and the ACM Training Camp.

And with the posting of this entry, I guess I get to find out whether Mr Davies has followed through on his threat to create hackergotchies for LA committee members…

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