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Queue Building

The biggest difference between the hypothetical security queues and the existing byhand and new queues is that they need to be autobuilt; it’s not really feasible to try saying whether a security update is acceptable if there’s still some possibility it’s not going to build on half our architectures. Additionally, it means that there are […]

The NIv2 Plot

So having found time to catch up satisfactorily on the implementation, time to get back into the blogging. After working out what you actually want to do, the next step in implementing stuff, in my book, is to make sure you fully understand the context of the stuff you’re trying to change. In this case, […]

Afraid of your Neighbour’s Disapproval

Continuing on from the SCC stuff, which I should probably get in the habit of calling the mirror split, then… At the same time as I’ve been trying to work out ways to fit the mirror split stuff into the AJ market concept, I’ve been pondering on and off what can be done to improve […]

Hacking dak

Who can resist a good rhyme? Or a bad one? So this round of dak hacking turned out to make the AJ Market scheme another notch more confusing — hence the delay in blogging, and the teaser in my last post. The issue leading to the confusion is that the major item on the list […]

Designing Intelligence

With the recent Kansas Board of Education decision and the results in the Dover, Pennsylvania Board of Education elections, the Intelligent Design debate seems to be all the rage. It’s not really that interesting a debate, mostly being a rerun of the standard evolution versus creationism stuff with some new catchphrases. Even as a religious […]

Britney’s Memory Management

One of the things about the whole money thing and free software is the question of whether it’ll take all the fun and spontaneity out of hax0ring. As it turns out, that doesn’t even work when you try; so instead of doing dak work last weekend, like I’d planned and like the market was indicating, […]