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(not a post about Spike’s favourite soap opera) As an INTP, I generally try to make “rational” decisions — which is to say, ones I can rationalise and explain and logically support. That in turn is something I can rationalise, explain and support: I’m fairly good at logic, and I’ve been taught lots of ways […]

Social meeja

Ben posts about the point of twitter: As far as I can tell, Twitter is a flakier, crappier knockoff of Facebook, that has even less monetization potential than Facebook. Meanwhile, is an open source knock-off of twitter, FriendFeed is a knockoff of Facebook, LinkedIn is knocking-off a little bit of both of them, everything’s […]

Funding the NBN

Simon Rumble posts some thoughts on the costings for the national broadband network. He offers some working, and requests corrections, so I thought I might redo the calculations. First, at its most basic $42B divided by 7.4M households means infrastructure costs of about $5,700 per household. That seems like a lot of cash, when (non-Telstra) […]