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WoBloMo, epilogue

Phew, so March is over in another hour or so, and this post will be my sixteenth of the month, thus kinda completing the woblomo challenge, even if it ended up pretty damn flaky after the 19th… But hey, it was kinda fun, at least from this end. If you’re looking for actual interesting content, […]

Internode quota redux

I guess I posted my previous post too soon, because just after midnight last night the usage that had disappeared magically reappeared. Traffic shaping had already started about six hours earlier, despite internode-quota-check telling me there was a few GB left, and I’d gotten the “over quota” email, so at least it’s all consistent now. […]


Okay, so I’m late to the party, but munin is great. I modified Mark Suter’s internode-quota-check to dump output in a form suitable for munin and ended up with some graphs. Today’s is a little confusing: Somehow the blocks of downloads that almost used up the remainder of my quota yesterday just vanished! Awesome. Especially […]

Exponential Growth

On Wednesday the 25th, I was thinking about project growth. The day before I’d posed a question to the debian-vote list: Over the next twelve months, what single development/activity/project is going to improve Debian’s value the most? By how much? How will you be involved? There have only been a couple of replies so far, […]

Elastic bands

So moving onto Monday the 23rd. Something I’ve been pondering blogging about for ages now is an analogy I came up with for the way Debian is organised. I’m not quite sure of the motivation, but it goes something like this: imagine all of the people in the organsiation arranged in a circle. That circle […]

Linux Aus face to face

So, catching up on my WoBloMo posts. On the 21st I was in Melbourne for the Linux Australia council meeting. Saturday was mostly organisational stuff: basically getting an idea what each of the council members thought about the approach we’d take for the rest of the year. Stewart invited Andrew Cowie to give a presentation […]


So I’ve pre-poll voted in preparation for my trip to Melbourne for the LA face-to-face. Not a very exciting range of candidates: Anna Bligh for Labor who’s premier; Mary Carroll for LNP who’s apparently the state secretary of the party; Gary Kane for the Greens who’s running on an anti-developers platform, with light rail to […]

Bubbles 2: Glubba glubba in the puddles

(Random topic courtesy of Dressy Bessy) A couple more thoughts on Sunday’s post. In comments, Brendan Scott asks “Why would a trader extrapolate against their estimate v valuation?” But there’s actually a broader question — why would anyone trade at all? The initial scenario provided infinite supply at $500 per item, and gave a randomly […]

Bubbles: the joy and the laughter

The efficient market hypothesis — that prices in a market immediately adjust to fully reflect new information as soon as it becomes available — is probably the primary foundation of the success of markets at allocating resources: eg, making the prices people are willing to pay at supermarkets influence what farmers produce and how much […]

Eee box

So I fell for Zazz‘s “Thingy of the Day” last week and ordered an Asus Eee Box. It arrived today, and is pretty respectable — the “screws onto the back of your LCD” form-factor is pretty sweet, and having SD cards as the only removable media seems pretty decent too. Built in wireless, decent number […]


For a variety of reasons — personal, business, linux australia, — I’ve been poking at budgeting lately. I thought it might be worth a post on some of the ideas that I’ve found useful; if they turn out to be too obvious, well, bad luck. :) The way to look at a budget, it […]

Obligatory Watchmen post

Summary: meh. Universe, cinematography, characters, drama, humour: 9 or 10 out of 10.  Plot: 3 or 4. It was fun to watch, but I didn’t end up caring about anything much that happened. Probably would’ve been more interesting if I was more invested in either the world or the characters — ie, if I’d read […]

Facial growth update

So I believe I mentioned I’d adopted a “live-and-let-live” approach to my chin and cheeks recently. The results so far: Definitely up to the point where it needs a bit of a trim, but apparently it’s not as easy to get a beard trimmer as it is to get razors. Who knew? Out of shot, […]

Illusive Time

An interesting article in New Scientist from earlier in the year summarises some interesting Quantum Physics papers, though now I look, I see they’re actually a little dated, one from 2006 and the other from 1994, with Carlo Rovelli listed as the last author of both, and quoted in the article. The problem both articles […]

Catholic guilt, and the economics thereof

Disclaimer: I’m not Catholic, so this is even more speculative than usual. It’s also probably taking “devil’s advocacy” a little too literally, but hey, faith is there to be tested, right? So I wonder how much Catholic Guilt is an economic phenomenon, as opposed to a purely religious or moral one. Here’s the theory. The […]