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Pictures and such

Is it just me, or is there something really unpleasant about seeing huge blocks of text in a blog, that aren’t broken up by pictures, or new headings or quotes from elsewhere? I suppose a “…read more” link would work, but I tend to find that a real nuisance. I wonder why I don’t mind […]

The Day!

Looks like today’s the day to move the old azure to the new azure! Ooo, the excitement! The terror! Will all my mail scatter to the nether regions, lost until the great cleaners reclaim the bits next April? Soon we shall find out!

Blosxom 2.0rc5

So, I’m running blosxom 2.0rc5 now, which supports the plugins mentioned below. Not using any plugins yet though, and as a result the page looks exactly the same as it used to. Mmm backwards compatability! Oh, in other news, google finds (roughly) the right URL given both “aj blog” and “indolence log”. That’s a scarily […]

Plug-ins for Blosxom

Plug-ins for blosxom! There actually are some and they look reasonably cute. Ha, so much for pyblosxom!


There’s a derivative of blosxom called pyblosxom. It’s a derivative in the sense that it shares the same on-disk structure, but it’s written in Python instead of perl, and sacrifices blosxom’s wonderful simplicity for the ability to do various extensions. One of the cool things this means is that it supports comments. It also lets […]

Blosxom and Timezones

Hrm, blosxom is affected by timezones — dates are whatever day it would’ve been in the timezone specified by $TZ or /etc/timezone, not necessarily when you wrote it, or where you are. That screws up permalinks, too if you ever change timezones. I wonder if there’s anything sensible you could do about it.


So, this site is now running on a new host. How exciting. In other news, Apache’s SUexec sucks.


I think what would be nice is having blosxom see the files, -rw-r–r– 1 aj aj 323 May 25 20:29 foo.txt -rw-r–r– 1 aj aj 80 May 26 13:10 foo.txt-1 -rw-r–r– 1 aj aj 103 May 26 14:40 foo.txt-2 and magically translate that into an original entry, with two dated updates. You could then mark […]

Secret Projects

Hrm, I wonder if blosxom has any way of handling accounts, so I could setup blog entries that only I could view… I wonder too if that’s a monumentally self-contradictory idea. The theory would be that I could add musings that I didn’t want to share with anyone to my blog in a password-only directory/category, […]

My new blog

So, I created a blog. It uses blosxom. It has links. It’s not the horrible ugly default, but the marginally less ugly sample customisation. It has links! It has a paypal button! Donate! In theory this should be easier than advogato to hax0r on; we’ll see. One thing I notice, is that blosxom doesn’t seem […]