Mmmm. Skiing.

So since I’m not in the mood to write much, I thought, hey why not put up some pretty piccies. And then I thought, why I have all those skiing photos I took last year; I haven’t put any of them up. And then I thought, mmmm, skiing.

Anyway, I was priveleged enough to take two ski trips last year; one to The Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand; the other to Mt Buller in Victoria. NZ had a crap year, with really crap snow cover; Oz had a great year, and the heavens gifted us with something like thirty centimetres of fresh powder for, literally, the weekend we were at Mt Buller. Mmmm.


The view on on the right is out the car window on the way back to Queenstown from the Remarkables.

More photos below.

The Remarkables:

Mt Buller:

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