Linux.Conf.Au 2004

Someone complained that my last entry wasn’t recent enough to “count” as an updated blog entry. Maybe that someone will be more pleased with an entry about stuff that at least happened this year.

As mentioned previously on this blog, this year’s l.c.a was in Adelaide, and was hosted by Michael Davies and his crew. It was huge and very well done, so much so that there’s not really much to say beyond that.

For those of you who attended the Debian miniconf, I’m hoping that you’ll apply the “a picture is worth a thousand words” rule in judging this post in order to meet certain expectations.

Anyway, the current round of photoblogging was inspired by VIBGYOR, a nice Sydney based photoblog, which included a pretty picture of a Cessna at Camden Aiport that had been photoshopped in what looked to be an entertaining way. (Although it’s a bit ruined if you look through the Cessna’s windows. Oh well.) Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to see if I could do that in the Gimp. As it turns out, apparently I can! It’s just a matter of selecting regions, and dropping the saturation of everything else to zero. Nifty.

And as Steven Spielberg would be sure to agree, a flash of red in an otherwise greyscale image can help bring your attention to what’s really important.

As mentioned on slashdot, Linus attended for the second year running. This isn’t a picture of his arrival, although you could be forgiven for thinking so.

In any event, if earlier evidence wasn’t enough to convince you Linus was actually there, this photo, entitled “Lunch with Michael!”, should remove any remaining doubt:

Anyway, as usual sites were sighted, speeches were spoken, bugs were bugged, and other stuff was, well, stuffed.

But the thing to remember about, is that it’s not just about the tutorials, or the talks, or the hack sessions, or even the alcohol. No. it’s about the people you meet.

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