SCC Proposal

Well, admittedly, I haven’t tried reading debian-devel for the past eight hours or so, but there still seems to be a bunch of confusion about the big scary plan to not support all architectures equally. Anyway some people seemed to find some of my followups useful, so continuing the “Today’s list posts”,, Clayton’s blogging I’ve been doing, here are some followups you might want to peruse.

So, this mail gives some details about what actually went on at the meeting. Not a lot, but some background’s better than none. This one is the “babies” post that might be useful to porter’s wondering how their architecture should fit into the proposed system. These two posts might be helpful to porters who want to think about how they might operate if their architecture doesn’t fit on the release track.

UPDATE 2005/03/16:

Here’s some more links from posts after I caught up with -devel a bit more. This one has some more on how the process might work for becoming a release architecture; and this one includes some elaboration on the N+1 rule.

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